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Refresh paste chart from another sheet doesnt change the formatting as per the sourcechart



I have a got basic question:
I have got pivot tables and pivot charts in the same sheet. I have copied some of the pivot charts
to another sheet which is a dashboard sheet. so when the data changes , it refresh the pivot charts and
the dashboard charts also refreshed as per new data, so that part is fine.

I just changed the layout and formatting , colours for the pivot charts in my pivot table and pivot charts sheet.
Now the dashboard sheet refresh the data in the charts however it wont change the new layout , colour etc as per the
source pivot charts in my sheet. I have tried to copy and paste charts with source formatting or paste as picture in the
dashboard sheet, however it doesn't change so I have to manually change the layout, colours etc .

Is there any option that charts layout also refreshed if I change any layout in the original chart , or is there any other
way to copy and paste these charts.
I am using excel 2010.

Please advise.