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Random price results


Hi all. Hope you can help with this. The attached is just an extract of a large dataset.
I am doing several tables to filter all main info for each material ID, so that when you filter an ID it gives you the price, item units, BOM, country of origin, etc.
The problem I am having is that each ID has different prices and different vendors and different purchasing dates. I am using tables so that all the info is filtered when you choose an item ID. However, obviously the prices it gives are not the last prices that was paid I need to only get the last price paid. Any ideas how could I approach it? Also, would it work like a vlookup and just give the first price that it locates? Many thanks


  • Dataset.xlsx
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Are there other fields in the table that you have not included ? Presently there is nothing unique about any of the data. Everything is different from everything else that is listed.