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Question on Project Management bundle


New Member
I recently became a production planner and was wondering if this bundle would be useful for this. I use a few of your free templates and they work well. I am looking for some more to make my planning functions easier. I have created some dashboards and they have been a great hit. Can you please comment on whether or not this bundle would be applicable for my needs? If not, do you have any suggestions?

Thank you


New Member
@Qwirrk.. The bundle includes 7 different Gantt chart templates to help you plan better. It also has a bunch of templates to track and monitor individual project activities (like risks, issues, timesheets). The dashboards and report templates might be very useful to you and can give you few more options to choose from. I think you are good in excel (looking at your statement "I have created some dashboards ..."), you can easily customize the files this bundle to make things you want.

Here is what I suggest, go ahead and buy a copy. If you find it useless, you can request for a refund. Remember, I ask no questions when you want a refund.


OK.. You just sold me a set of your templates with your reply, Chandoo. I need a Gantt or similar scheduler that can get down to sub-day times (hourly, at least). Everything I've tried (my MS project is broken due to losing my 2002 product code... long story) so far has been only granular to the daily level. I need something that I can show my clients daily task details. We work in a very time-sensitive environment, and just saying "set up for installation - 1 day" doesn't cut the mustard.