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Project Portfolio Dashboard

Jo Sanders

New Member

My name is Jo and i just purchased the project portfolio dashboards. They are awesome! However, I do have two questions:

1) I want to be able to change change the overall status colors manually. I do not want them to be linked to progress only as sometimes a project progress is good but I want to reflect status as red or yellow due to other issues on the project. How can I change this?

2) I would like to save this and share with my team but when I change the file name, i get errors whe I try to reopen. Is there anyway to fix this or must the file name remain project-portfolio-dashboard-VBA?

Please and thank you.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Welcome to the Chandoo.org Forums

Q1. Select the relevant cells and remove the Conditional formatting
Select the cells
Goto Conditional Formatting
Manage Rules

Delete the rules that aren't applicable
Probably the Rules that set the background color can be removed

Some may still be required, so be careful

Q2. This doesn't sound right ?

How are you opening the new file?
What errors do you get?


Excel Ninja
Hi Jo ,

I am looking after Customer Support with respect to Chandoo's templates ; in case you want any explanations regarding the templates or any minor modifications to them , I can help. Just get in touch with me on :

narayank1026 [at] gmail [dot] com


Jo Sanders

New Member
Thanks for the replies Hui and Narayan. I have sent this request to Narayan's email directly. Thank so much for the assistance


Excel Ninja
Hi Jo ,

I don't seem to have received your email ; can you please check , and if required , resend to :

narayank1026 [@] gmail [.] com