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Production batch card with different part for one product.

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Dear Excel Genius

I need some modifications in the code of #16 according to the below input changes.

1) In between the RM, there are some blank cells that were not there in the original file of the first post. Due to some New RM allocation, it has happened and I request you to change the code.

2) The input part % columns moved and split into 4 columns from "E" to "CI: CL"

3) The row sizes also need to take care of in the sheet "Batch Card"

Here I request to please change the code as per the new modifications.

Thanks in advance!


Marc L

Excel Ninja
As the initial need of this thread is solved and as your new layout is not the same as the initial one​
so the better is you create a new thread in order to get the interest of most helpers​
but do not forget a good enough elaboration with an attachment containing the source data and the complete expected result accordingly …​
Not open for further replies.