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Power query and security

Discussion in 'Power Pivot, Power Map etc' started by Lolo, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Lolo

    Lolo Member


    I'm not sure to really understand the privacy levels of power query :(
    OK there are 3 levels (Private/Organisational/Public), but concretely,

    If I use power query to make a SQL request to the DB of my company, and simply use the organisational level, what will be the impact, when I will share the workbook to an external person of my company ?

    Is the workbook will be readable ? Does it means that the external person will not be able to open the query in power query ?

    Actually, what I don't understand is : If an external person get the wrokbook, in all cases , he will not be able to execute the request, since he is not on the intranet and will not have the right elements to execute the SQL request.
    So what is the interest of the privacy settings and how could I use it ? Or can I select power query option 'ignore privacy settings'

    Thank you for your help :)
  2. Chihiro

    Chihiro Well-Known Member

    From Microsoft site.
    Private data source = A Private data source contains sensitive or confidential information, and the visibility of the data source may be restricted to authorized users. A private data source is completely isolated from other data sources.

    Organizational data source = An Organizational data source limits the visibility of a data source to a trusted group of people. An Organizational data source is isolated from all Public data sources, but is visible to other Organizational data sources.

    Public data source =A Public data source gives everyone visibility to the data contained in the data source. Only files, internet data sources or workbook data can be marked Public.

    Basically, if you don't set this correctly, external users who should not have access to Private data may have access to it through Public data source by joining or combining data of two types (depending on query type and credentials provided).

    For most company needs, you'd be looking for either Private or Organizational level privacy level.

    Edit: I'd never recommend ignore privacy setting, when you have more than single source of data.
  3. Lolo

    Lolo Member

    Thank you, I already saw this definition from Microsoft, but i didn't manage to concretely understand what was the best practices.

    So if I use company data in power query, ignore privacy is not a good idea, even I plan to send data only to my company users, because if they send the excel file to an external person, he should be able to open power query and get sensitive data. By using Organisational privacy, I avoid this problem I suppose.
    I have to test it to concretly see how it works

    Thank you for your help

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