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Potentially bloated formular? My excel file slows down significantly.


New Member
I'm working on a Delivery schedule. I have 2 data tables, one for item weight based on item codes, one for customer location (City and District) and travel time.
In my working sheet I have some index/match formulas to extract such information and each new sheet is a different day. Everytime I use the worksheet, I would copy paste the previous day to values to make sure theres only one sheet with ongoing calculations. However every new sheet made the file more and more bloated and the file become very difficult to work with due to loading time.
Can someone examine my file and show me what I did wrong, or how should I optimise my file. Thanks,
My file


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You have a lot of pictures on some sheets (nearly 18,000 on one).
You can see them if you got to the ribbon, Home tab, Editing section, Find & Select dropdown, choose Selection Pane…
You can delete them all but it would take a long time doing it one by one.
Instead, in the visual basic editor's Immediate pane you can remove all pictures from a sheet with the statement:
and press Enter.
Don't do it on the Danh sách xe sheet, it has your header picture.



New Member
Thank you. I did noticed that every sheet I copied from an existing sheet get bloated and addlike 400kb to the sheet yet I was not able to pinpoint the problem.
It is significantly faster now.