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Pivot Table Macro


New Member
Hi All,

I have been using chandoo's website for over 5 years, it has been Go-To source for excel help. I have bought his dashboards which excelled my dashboard skills.

In such dashboards, we added one more sheet of Pivot to check the drill down of each metrics.

Attached sheet here has dummy raw data and pivot sheet. Pivot sheet enables to agent level drill of what is volume % of calls handled by that agent.
Raw Data has 4 columns: Serial No, Name of Agent, Query of Customer - Billing, Query of Customer - Technical
Pivot Sheet : When I double click on Vol% of Agent Jane for Billing, we get all 6 rows instead of just 1 row where value is 1. I have researched and found it is excel limitation.
Here is where I think Macro could come to rescue. I would like to create macro where when I double click for Jane, it should give only 1 row instead of all 6.

I used this link from Excel Campus to generate Macro which will provide new excel sheet where-ever the cursor is present on pivot table. However the problem still prevails of getting only target rows. Any help much appreciated.