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Picture format

Discussion in 'VBA Macros' started by Svmaxcel, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Svmaxcel

    Svmaxcel Member

    When I copy a table and a chart in excel and paste it as Bitmap in Ms outlook the image is crisp and clear.
    When I paste it as Windows Metafile, it's blurred and not crisp.

    If there any way, I can paste data as Bitmap in Outlook via Excel vba
  2. Logit

    Logit Active Member

    You can copy the data, paste it into PAINT and save it as a BMP file. Then insert the BMP file into Outlook.
    Svmaxcel likes this.
  3. Svmaxcel

    Svmaxcel Member

    Great, but how via VBA
    However it would be better if its pasted in Outlook via Bitmap directly.
    Our organisation has blocked Paint
  4. Logit

    Logit Active Member

    Well ... here is a macro to convert a range to a BMP file :

    Code (vb):
    Option Explicit

    Sub Example1()
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim intCount As Integer
    Dim objPic As Shape
    Dim objChart As Chart

    'copy the range as an image
    Call Sheet1.Range("A1:E12").CopyPicture(xlScreen, xlPicture)

        'remove all previous shapes in sheet2
       intCount = Sheet2.Shapes.Count
            For i = 1 To intCount
            Next i
        'create an empty chart in sheet2
        'activate sheet2
        'select the shape in sheet2
        Set objChart = ActiveChart
        'paste the range into the chart
        'save the chart as a JPEG ... change path as needed
       objChart.Export ("C:\Users\My\Desktop\TestImage.bmp")
    End Sub
    Now you just need to paste the image into Outlook.
  5. Svmaxcel

    Svmaxcel Member

    If I share the file with other users, then I have to tell everyone to save the Macro.
    That doesn't seems to be a good option.

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