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[Paid] Show picture on floating userform


Hello, I need to know if you can code this macro:

1. I will have an Excel like this


2. My request: when I clic on a cell inside the table, I need a userform that shows the Face Picture inside. For example:
If I clic on any cell that belongs to "Peter" row, userform must show Peter asociated picture.
If I clic on any cell that belongs to "Mary" row, userform must show Mery asociated picture.
(selection change event, only when I am inside the table)

3. Userform located to the right of the table. It must be transparent and floating when scrolling
Transparent example here / Floating example here

Please, send me your estimated quote for this job (or ask me anything if it is not clear)

this is something you can do yourself easily. see below video tutorial on youtube. Also attached sample. No cost



  • Sample.xlsm
    19.7 KB · Views: 19
the transparent code you can just copy paste into the UserForm for the UserForm_Initialize bit. which should give you step 3. I tested the code from below - shorter than wellsr link you provided. also updated sample to make it easier for you.



  • Sample.xlsm
    20.7 KB · Views: 24
Hello Chirayu,

Thanks for your code, is much simpler! :DD

Let me do some comments:

1. It only works with "jpg" images
Do you know why "png" images do not work? They show a "can´t load image" error...

2. I have to add this missing line in your macro to let userform show on selection change.


3. Do you know how to show image only (inside red square) without all that is outside red scuare? And avoid transparent effect?