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Operations Dashboard

Raquel Jacob

New Member
Currently I'm facing a few questions as I have to create an Operations Dashboard.
I work at a start-up company, and my team is responsible to onboard new clients and manage their accounts and projects. We have several checkpoints we need to do from time to time based on the date the customer joined us on our platform.

I'd love to get some help from someone who is an expert in Excel/Google Spreadsheets.

For more information my email address is rql.jacob[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you and Happy New Year!!
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Excel Ninja
Hi Raquel ,

I am sure a lot of members will respond. Rather than duplicate effort , it might help if you could put out more information on the nature of the help you are looking for.

1. Excel is different in a lot of ways from Google Spreadsheets ; do you want expertise in Excel or GS or both ?

2. Is the help a one-off requirement or will it be on-going ?

3. When you say an Operations dashboard , can you give more details ? Operations can involve financial tracking or client tracking or resource tracking or any other kind of monitoring ; it would help if you could upload any template that you either already have or which you would like to implement.

4. Is this development for stand-alone PCs or is it for a networked / multi-user system ? Will it involve web-page interaction ?

There are many other questions which might pop up in members' minds ; probably you could upload a comprehensive document which answers all such questions without compromising confidentiality.


Raquel Jacob

New Member
Hi Narayan,

Sure, makes perfect sense. Thanks for the heads-up!

1. Ideally Google Spreadsheets for collaboration reasons. In GS it's easy for multiple team members to work on the spreadsheet simultaneously.

2. It's a one-off requirement. Although we'll most likely need consulting help in the future for other projects.

3. The goal is to help the team manage, track, follow-up with customers and their projects. It's mainly a client and project tracking dashboard. We are looking for professional advice on how is the best way to manage this and the dashboard creation.

4. Multi-user