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open mutiple compressed excel zip files and merge to 1 excel -put each file under the others.


I do the task manually and it is reall time waste/pain - can this be automated.

I wanted a macro that I can run from excel that will open mutiple compressed excel zip files from a folder I chose and then and merge the results from all (all in the same format) to 1 excel -put the results from each each file under the other the result of the prior file.

Example added - I have 3 zip files and somehow --- magic of the VBA - can this be done.

Results - 1 consolidated excel and I the macro on this files will take all the 3 zip excel - unzip and merge all the 3 excel to one files, so in my example, I should have 10 lines from all three zip files.

and If the magic works, I would like an additonal tab that counts the line items from each file I added and adds it to the tab. so I would have lines items
one for each file and then in the next column, I would have the total from each file, eg. 2 for file 1, 3 for file 2, and 2 for the last file. - the number of line here should match to the number of lines in the main tab - a completeness check..

I reallity I will have around 20 files and each file will have 14 columns. I add just 3 for the example.

Thanks for all the effort in advance.




Marc L

Excel Ninja
a quick way is to unzip all the files to a single folder then use the Excel feature Power Query (or Get & Transform)​
to import them in a single worksheet and thus without any VBA code …​