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network diagram like view

Ranjith M

New Member
Hi ,

Im planning to do a network diagram based view of my boxes with naming in excel VBA to have a hierachy like view just mentioned below ,

This is the format i have to idenfify the parent box of a child and its own other child boxes,


i need the output like a network diagram just like this


Above shows a excel view with arrow points the hierachy view , can some one help me to achive this im struggling like anything to prepare this.

Ranjith M

New Member
if you have any prefered way of output , your suggestion is welcome , but i want to project it as a network view.


Excel Ninja
Ranjith M
You sent seven lines numbers in a table and
below those,
there are eight boxes and seven blue arrows.
I'm wondering is Your given sample 100% as required?

Ranjith M

New Member
Box and Lines are the same ,

Lines mentioned are like

a -c

just to draw lines or creating a primary box as "a" followed by its child boxes,

im trying to do with create shape based on number of values ,

draw lines from a to b , if lines already exist then go next ,


Excel Ninja
Ranjith M
Check Yourself - what have You given and what are 'needed results'. Do those match?
Without clear writings is possible to do something.
You should help Yourself to get something
- I don't need or have time to dig information from You.
If You can do Your needed
with those Your given informations
then You can do 'something' Yourself.


Excel Ninja
Ranjith M
From Your original...
If You need from this
Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 22.13.05.png
something like this
Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 22.13.20.png
it's not clear.
Seems that only thing which is clear ... is that You need or want something.
Especially, after You now wrote 'even those was not helpful.'
For me, that means ... You wanted that someone else would use his/her own time for something 'not helpful'.
That's not so positive.