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Need help with a function formula...

So following that method, can you tell me why this isn't working?

=IF($T3="","",IF('Travel Expense Voucher'!$F$5=2,IF(T3<>12,'Tcodes and Ecodes'!$G$6,'Tcodes and Ecodes'!$G$7),IF(T3<>12,IF(M3="In-State",'Tcodes and Ecodes'!$G$12,'Tcodes and Ecodes'!$G$13),IF(M3="In-State",'Tcodes and Ecodes'!$G$11,'Tcodes and Ecodes'!$G$14))))

I'm not getting any type of error, but it is not leaving the field blank if T3 is blank?


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

If visually T3 is blank , but you are getting a value in U3 where this formula is entered , then it is likely that T3 contains a space character or 0 from its formula.



Excel Ninja
Hi ,

Go to any cell which is visually blank in column T , say T10.

With the cursor in that cell , press F2 and F9 ; this is to evaluate the formula in that cell.

You should see a 0.

Replace the formula in column T , which is at present :

='Travel Expense Voucher'!R15

with this :

=IF('Travel Expense Voucher'!R15 = 0, "", 'Travel Expense Voucher'!R15)

or this :

=IF('Travel Expense Voucher'!R15 = "", "", 'Travel Expense Voucher'!R15)