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Need help to construct a formula for Column N and O

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Hello see attached,
Column N and O requires formula
N6 should give 6.5 as result since hours worked should be fully considered on public holidays
N7 should give 6.5+3.5 as result. The 3.5 is obtained by taking into consideration that in a week there was one public holiday and 4 normal days. The employee should have worked (9*4)=36 but has worked ((9*3)+12.5)=39.5.
N8 should give only 0.5 as result as the overtime relates to another employee.
Also Note, overtime eligible per employee in a week with no public holidays is total overtime hours worked minus 5 hours. (45 statutory hours are considered before becoming eligible for overtime)
Please help to edit formula in column N and insert a formula in column O which should generate the total overtime hours per employee per week which the employee will be paid.


  • Overtime Calculation.xlsx
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