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Need help on calculating duplicate values from dropdown (made possible by VBA)


New Member

I'm having Excel issues and I'm stranded after multiple hours of googling.

How can I perform a VLOOKUP when the value is included in several rows (I want the highest number)

I have one overview where I wish list to various type of Information. This information have certain numerical criterias, which i named "LEVEL A", "LEVEL B" and "LEVEL C"
NOTE: The main thing here is that I have a Data-validation on "Included in System", which makes me get a drop-down list selection of various sheets. I have also added a VBA which make it possible for me to Select more than one item from the drop-down list.

The Second overview is the system, and I want the system to inherit the highest value from the Information sheet

--> e.g.: Information #1 and Information #7 is included in System #1. How do i then get the System overview to show the highest value from the Information Valuation sheet?

--> I tried doing a MAX formula combined With VLOOKUP, but this only grants me the highest number of the first information that includes the specific system.


Any help is highly appriciated



New Member
Hi Hany,

Thanks for the reply - but not sure if this is the solution im after.

It is important that I can Select more than one system per information, hence why I have the VBA. From what I can see, you just removed the systems?

PS: Noted that I had some wrong definitions in the VBA. Changed that now so please ignore my first attachment