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Need help on a project


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I am working on warehouse project of various employees picking 1000's of parts a day. I need to know how to add up all their picking and packing time at various data time points and see how many hours are they idle in a day. I can attach the file if needed.
Any body are doing any freelancing that can take up this project for a fixed price
warm regards

Problem: find all the employees who are working less than 8 hours combined in picking and packing and identify those employees by refreshing data.
I attached the file. All the 50-6- employees are listed in column "C", Column "W" shows the pick time start and end time for all various items he picked and scanned. similarly column "AB" shows the pack start and end time. Find all the employees who are idle during their work from start to endtime.
The file is too big to upload please send me an email to <redacted> for excel sheet attachment.
warm regards

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Luke M

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Hi Adam,

I've removed some of your personal info, simply for your own protection as this is a public forum and we have thousands of bots that crawl through and could harvest that info. Instead, if you can't simplify to a basic sample sheet, you could instead describe your problem and ask for a freelance help. Have people interested reply via a private message where you can then exchange contact info if desired.