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Need help in making 3D Pie-Chart



I have some data like "Articles" sheet in the attached Excel Sheet. I would like to create a Pie Chart so that it contains the information of Each Language has how many articles. Can someone suggest on how to make this? Thanks

Note: I would like to make the Pie-Chart available in Sheet1.


  • PIE_CHART.xlsx
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I can siggest steps as unable view your file.

To create a pie chart in Excel based on the data you provided, you can follow these steps:

1. Open your Excel file and go to "Sheet1" where you want the pie chart to appear.
2. Select the cells containing the language and article data.
3. Go to the "Insert" tab in the Excel ribbon.
4. Click on "Pie Chart" in the Charts group.
5. Choose the type of pie chart you prefer. For this data, a 2-D pie chart should work well.
6. Excel will automatically create a pie chart based on the data you selected. By default, it might not be exactly how you want it, so you might need to make some adjustments.
7. You can customize the chart by adding titles, adjusting the colors, and modifying the legend as needed.

Excel will automatically count the occurrences of each language and create the pie chart accordingly.
Add a pivot table and chart, move the chart to Sheet1. See attached.


  • Chandoo56375PIE_CHART.xlsx
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@p45cal, I have tried the same Pivot Chart Myself with the same data.. But for me, Instead of LANGUAGE, I get Row Labels and also the Grand Total is appearing.. What am I missing? Why the header name is changing to Row labels and how can I disable Grand Total Detail?


  • pivot.png
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