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Need Help guys with excel cell highlight


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i need a help hope you would help me in our office we have a daily tracker in that we have 12 agents and works in 24/7 shifts we work on incident tickets.

and as soon as the ticket arrives we have to enter the ticket number in that sheet under the agent name and change the color of the cell manually according to the time the ticket arrived. I have attached a sample spreadsheet for your understanding

for eg. if ticket came in between 8am to 9 am it will be green if it is between 9 am to 10 am then red if it is between 10 am to 11 am then purple so on so instead of changing the color manually i need a formula or a steps so based on current time when the data entered into a cell the color should change please suggest


  • Ticket Mangement Tracker for April - 2024_s.xlsx
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You would either need a VBA event handler for this, or have a field into which Ctrl/Shift/; will insert the time and then conditional formatting would provide the colour as a visual queue to aid recognition.


Instead of highlighting 'hours', could You use something like below?
Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 11.41.41.png
There can use above same sheet/file for every day for every month (Your version has daily sheets and monthly files).
Your data can use with this sample too.


  • Ticket Mangement Tracker.xlsb
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