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need help creating a product catalog in excel


New Member
I made a data base with seperate fields and did the layout for my catalog. My question is--Is there a way to make it so when you add or delete products it does not bleed onto the next page and push everything down when a column is edited? Obviously if I add more items than fit onto one page the existing items have to move somewhere but is there a way that it can maybe just pushes into the right or left column not just wherever so I can better keep track of edits? Thank You for your time.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
A few ideas

- Always setup your page size first, in Print Settings

- You can always play with Row Heights, Column Widths, Font Sizes & Page Margins, including Footer and Header sizes

- Work in Page Break preview mode so you can manually adjust your page breaks as you add data

- Re-arrange data so that small items (height wise) replace big items at the end of a page