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need help, conditional formating formula


New Member
hi masters, can you enlighten me.. it is for warehousing.
the main idea is highlighting the cell to reminder if the stock is bellow buffer stock (by average usage)

note :
• cell E3 - K3 is where i input daily usage of sugar.

the conditional formatting formula apply if:
1. when the cell is blank (ie:G3-K3)
2. when the livestock (B3) is bellow buffer stock (M3) after minus average usage (N3)

ie: the highlighted G3 is for reminder that the livestock is bellow buffer stock (65-17,5=47,5)




New Member
hey hope this helps! Ive left screenshots of what i did on the actual workbook and the formula
hey thankyou verymuch for the formula, there is only 1 thing..

if the scenario goes like this :


how to make the cell h3 highlighted?
(E3 "-15", F3 "-15", G3 still empty but we know the average is -15, so we assume H3 is highlighted because bellow buffer stock)

you know what i mean right?
thanks a ton