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Name Loop? Assistance, please!

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Like vletm yet wrote, your Sheet2 results can be achieved without the first step.​
As on my side this first step takes less than 0,3s …​
It depends also if you use Sheet1 for anything else and if your Sheet2 attachment is really the final step …​

Marc L

Excel Ninja
For who knows a bit Excel, removing the blanks rows, filling the names in first column then copying data to Sheet2​
if dates difference is greater than 9 days needs a minute to operate manually, a very beginner may need one minute more​
and thus just using EZ Excel Basics, so faster than creating any code if it's for an unique task !​
A VBA procedure reproducing the same way runs in less than half of a second …​
Another way than copying data to Sheet2 is applying conditional formatting directly in column B of Sheet1.​