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My Fruit Question Again


New Member

I have a list of fruit.
Column A: Month Fruit was Rcvd by myself
Column B: Month Fruit was to be delivered
Column C: Fruits

Column F:I the table works perfectly
Column K:O is where I need assistance

There is some fruit that is purchased "Over the Counter" or OTC
I want to know how many specific OTC was purchased per month. I thought I could replicate the formula in column I; but that doesn't work. I thought if I used Countifs that would work as i have multiple criteria but it didn't work either. *see column N*

I'm trying to say count how many times we received OTC - Fruit (ex. doesn't matter specific fruit just that it's OTC (we're using date due data)) was purchased in Jan.

Any advise on what I'm doing wrong? Did I explain that articulately?


Marc L

Excel Ninja
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