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Multiple PIE Chart

Powhatan Jack

New Member
I did a little "playing around" with the data on "water" and came up with the following. It is not exactly how you described it in your link, but, well, you will see. The data tab contains the data. I used column sums to accumulate the totals as I move "up" the pie charts. The three charts are on the Charts tab. Is this "enough"?


Powhatan Jack


New Member
Interesting question Nassardewa. While I do not recommend such chart (pie leaking pie leaking pie chart), I think it is a good one-off exercise to see what is possible.

Powhatan showed the first step in that direction. I went bit ahead and added graphic shapes that make it look almost like your original chart. See this example:


I also suggest you to consider doing either a stacked bar chart variation or treemap for data like this. They are scalable (ie you change data, the charts hold up ok). In the attached pie chart, any data change means you need to draw the shapes etc. again.