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Move toolbars to another computer


New Member
I'm getting a laptop for work in the next week and would like to be able to move as many of my toolbar modifications as possible. Our IT department will be doing the setup for the laptop so I'll need to store stuff out on the network for a day or so and then bring it back onto the laptop.

I've also got a few add-ins that I have loaded from the good -- make that great! sites like this (shameless plug) and most of course are not approved by IT, so I will need to unload them, zip them up and then make sure to find them again. Oh and our company also has a policy against using USB's so I can't put them on my own flash drive, since they block saving to flash drives.

Any good suggestions?
One option is to zip those addons and save the zipped file first on your hard drive. Then create an e-mail in your corporate e-mail, attach the zipped file and save the e-mail as a draft. And delete the zipped file you saved it on your hard drive

Later when you get the new laptop, download the file from the draft e-mail and install the programs.
thanks, yes i can store them there or i've also got a personal drive on the network.

anybody have ideas about the modified toolbars?