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Most useless excel feature


In following suit with last week's forum post, this week's is: what Excel feature do you think is most useless?

I'll start. I really, really don't like the textured and gradient fills which make your spreadsheets look like an acid trip.
Good day Jordan

I agree with your first post, personally I think less is better when formatting spread sheets, when you go to a meeting and you have to view a spread sheet that has been put together by a dyslexic colour blind psychedelic nutter the urge to kill grows, some have come to the conclusion that I have man management problems as I sit there wishing the devils badness on the author.
As an opponent to junk charts, 3D exploded pie charts would be close to useless for me. But for something I never, ever use? The ability to right-click on the windows scroll bars and having all those options. If I can take the time to right click and choose, I could have just left-clicked and got there right away.

Next would be the BAHTTEXT and the CONCATENATE functions.

For workbooks with an important number of Shapes with event triggered actions, handling naming and changing properties is so weird that forces you either to use VBA code to do the job or avoid using Shapes at all, replacing them by other controls (Forms or ActiveX).

So Shapes isn't at all the most useless Excel feature but it's turned into that because of the interface provided to use them.

On the Review ribbon, I have never used the following:

-- Research

-- Translate

-- Show Ink

I prefer to stick with Google's translation and reference features.
Why BAHTTTEXT was used :)


"It's been suggested (by an anonymous Excel MVP) that the Excel programmers enjoy Thai food, and they created this function to facilitate email orders to Redmond Thai restaurants. This theory has not yet been confirmed -- but then again it hasn't been denied either."
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Nice theory but they could have created Add-In and used among themselves. Now what we can do is just speculate @ THEORY ;)

As such nothing[leave oddities and quirks aside] is useless, it is just that we do not know how to use 'em effectively or simply do not feel the need to use.
I agree with shrivallabha " it is just that we do not know how to use 'em effectively or simply do not feel the need to use."

Here is another example which has confused me.

Does anyone uses ROMAN function, I really do not know.

This function covert the number till 3999 only, can not understand the motive for limitation.