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More than 50 projects in Project Portfolio Dashboard?



I hate being the one to ask this question, but for the Project Portfolio Dashboard, can we have more than 50 projects and how do we enable that?
CONTEXT: purchased version of Project Portfolio Dashboard
In the Video Overview (time code: 9:30 ) it mentions "... up to 50 projects"
I used the video to add more Project Plans (on the tab)
ISSUES: Mgmt has added more projects to the portfolio - currently 58!
Once I go over 50 projects and Project Plans - the dashboard seems to break.

IS there a way to have more than 50 and simply use the left scroll bar to see the other projects?
Where is that change or setting done - I suspect it is in the calculations tab. I can email a sample to one of the Ninja's but I don't think you want me to post an open version of the paid for Project Portfolio Dashboard.

I may have to simply have 1/2 of the Porfolio in one File and the other 1/2 in the other file, although it wouldn't really be the complete portfolio then.
Any assistance is appreciated.
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I know who to do it, pretty simple.
Copy the table with headings from the tables you already have with the same gap of 2 columns between. Go to the Names Manager and find a new name, should be something like plot####, and the number in the name will be more than 10. Change it by double-clicking to plot11 and save. Now go to the name lstPlans and add plot11 to the list of values.
If you need to add more, follow one by one unless you can check the cell addresses quickly in the names.