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MIS executive job with Excel


New Member
Hi All,

What exactly is an MIS executive job with Excel. Will this type of job is considered as an experience in Data Analysis career?

MIS Executive Job Description
What Skills Do I Need to Be?
  • Minimum Qualification: Graduate, no matter from which field you belong to. B.Tech and MBA will be a highly preferred qualification but depends upon company size.
  • Other Required Skills: Almost all MS-Office products, especially MS Excel and Access. Besides this, you should have an excellent communication skill because interaction with management and staff is often with your work process.
  • Specialization: If you belong to computer field, no special courses are required. Otherwise a basic certification of computer fundamental can be an added benefit.

MIS Executive Job Role
Your job role varies according to industry type and requirements. However some of these basic roles and duties are common despite the business type.

  • Creating report that can provide information on business activity. Reporting may be of daily, weekly or monthly. Report may include data, graphics, chats, pivot tables, etc.
  • Preparing financial statement which includes sales, marketing, purchase order, promotion and other relevant stuff.
  • Analyzing company performance on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. This helps management for further decision making process.
  • Supervision of IT resources, measuring and upgrading technical reserve within budget.
The requirements vary depending on the company.

Lowest requirements:
- Must have enough knowledge of MS Office (Excel/Word/Powerpoint/ Outlook is mainly used for Low Level MIS)
- Graduate degree (subject doesn't matter for Low Level MIS)
- Fluent in English (usually comes up if you aren't in UK/ US/ Germany/ France)
Optional but will give you a better chance:
- Prior Experience in similar field
- Database Language (SQL Server etc.)
- Programming Language ( ASP Dot Net/ Java/ HTML etc.)
- Relevant Graduate Degree & Masters