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Migrate Excel VBA macro from windows to Mac


New Member
I have an Excel VBA Macro that is searching for images on a central network drive and if found places them in a cel under a dedicated images column on the sheet.
Obviously, this Macro will not run under MacOS as-is. I got the question whether a Mac version of the same VBA can be created and wondered whether you have an advice for me. I do have the VBA add-in for the Mac. Are there any tools that can do the migration? I am trying to avoid the need to re-write for the mac.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Obviously, this Macro will not run under MacOS as-is.
Why ?! As this is very not obvious and as any good VBA code works whatever on Mac or under Windows​
and without any add-in as VBA has all the necessary …​

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Dir function should well work if you combine it with the PathSeparator property (to see in VBA inner help)​
instead of using such GetDir VBA coded function … That well worked on my side with older Excel Mac version.​
If you want to execute whatever a specific Windows code or a Mac AppleScript then​
you must check for example the OperatingSystem property like in your link​
as you must write in code obviously if your Excel Mac version requires it …​