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Measure to Calculate occurrence multiple times

Dear Team,

I'm a member of Chandoo powerpivot and excel school but not sure if i can get privilege support there in asking question or where to ask the question so thought of writing it here.

I need to know how many times the price increases in same year,same month,same plant/multiple plants having same Pricing Unit Quantity,same Part number.

So multiple conditions needs to met when they are same then how many times the price increased.

Please support me here.



Staff member
@Brij... You can use a simple DISTINCTCOUNT formula to count how many distinct prices are there in a row context.

add the measure

unique count:=DISTINCTCOUNT(Table1[Unit Price Each])

remove unit price each from the row label area
Add the unique count measure to report
This will tell you how many distinct values are there in each plant, part, year, month combination.