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Matching between two ranges, which also have values that repeat several times.


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Hello friends,

In columns k and l, a solution appears row after row, both give the same result, I am asking for one formula that will give the solution,Non-volatile and non-concatenated.



  • yyyxx.xlsx
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Hello Bines

It sounds like you're looking for a single formula that can provide the solution without using volatile or concatenated functions. One way to achieve this is by using an array formula.

For example, if you want to sum the values in column A and B and get the result in column C, you can use the following array formula:


To enter an array formula in Excel, you need to press Ctrl + Shift + Enter after typing the formula, instead of just Enter. This will add the curly braces { } around the formula and turn it into an array formula.

This formula will sum the corresponding values in columns A and B for each row and provide the result in column C. Keep in mind that array formulas can be resource-intensive, so using them over a large dataset may impact performance.