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Mapping excel columns from drop down list


My aim is to copy data from "Purchase" excel file having many columns, to another file having fixed headers table, after mapping the column headers .Another file name is " Reco" file. Every time purchase file headers name may change, but Reco file has fixed headers that cannot be changed. & the file is empty also. We have to copy data from purchase to Reco after selecting proper columns , mapping them to Reco file columns . Also Purchase file may have extra columns which need not be copied.
Only selected columns in drop down be mapped & copied.
Suggest you upload a sample workbook showing your raw data and a mock up of what you desire. We only need a few records (8-10) that are representative of your actual data.
I am attaching one single file. I have to copy data from purchase sheet to reco sheet having diff coulmn names.
Thank You!!!


  • Sample file.xlsx
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  • Don't you have smart worksheets starting in cell A1 at least ?!

  • Rather than such dropdown gas factory code why don't you use obviously the same headers ?!

  • Rather than such dropdown gas factory code why not using a Settings worksheet where you match both headers rows ?

  • Rather than such dropdown gas factory code an easy way is just an input box
    asking for each destination header what is its source header but less user friendly than the previous point …
The purchase file is exported from some software & it starts with some 6 or 7 th row., but not row no.1
Reco sheet is already fixed in its format & does not start with row 1.
So Pont1 & point2 answer is we cannot use same headers and data cannot be started from A1. I posted just a sample file.
And settings sheet is really very good idea, where we can select headers for only once and all done.

Thank You!!!!
So what have you done ?!​
As obviously your initial attachment can not contain any VBA code so save it as binary format .xlsb.​
Then attach it at least with the Settings worksheet with first in A1:A2 the address of the first cell of each headers row (like Sheet1!A2 for example)​
and after a blank column match both headers rows only for the columns to copy …​
Another way for the Settings worksheet is to just indicate the source data reference so which workbook, worksheet and first header address,​
do the same for the destination reference then in a separate range​
just the source headers columns to copy in the same order than the destination headers in order to overwrite them …​