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Make a cell store date and time when i finish job.


Hi every one.
Now I have a problem with now() function :
I want to make a sheets on Excel with column 1 I input time by =NOW() function.
But there is a problem : every time I input data to excel and update all of column 1 is same.
(Because same =NOW() function)
Anyone can give me some idea/function can make time stamp for my file.
Thank you so much.



Excel Ninja
Where ... would You name even one cell in which You ... have used =now() ?
You asked 'some idea' ... I tried to to give one idea.
If You're using =Now() in sheet, then it will update after 'every' Your change to show current time.
If You would use Now with VBA, then it would show current time after You've used that function and it would keep it same.