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Macro email not to repeat


New Member
I have a basic macro to send an email when a criteria is met. I would like for it to only do this once. What do I add to the macro to update the spreadsheet so it will only send it once?
I am very new to this so looking for easy instructions. tks

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Sub Email_From_Excel_Basic()
    Dim emailApplication As Object
    Dim emailItem As Object
    Set emailApplication = CreateObject("outlook.Application")
    Set emailItem = emailApplication.CreateItem(0)
    emailItem.to = Range("H11").Value
    emailItem.Subject = Range("b2").Value
    emailItem.Body = Range("b1").Value
End Sub
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Marc L

Excel Ninja
As I'm very new about guessing anything so according to forum rules you must​
first edit your post in order to use the code tags via the 3 dots icon​
then well elaborate at least your need with all the necessary details …​