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Mac Compatibility


New Member
I'm very interested in purchasing the suite of templates but I'm running Excel 2008 on a MacBook. Will the templates operate correctly for me? Can I upgrade to a newer version of Excel for Mac, or must these be used on a PC?




Excel Ninja
Good day thcanter

Welcome to the forum, please read the green stick,s, they will help you in your use of the forum.

Most office apps will not run on a mac unless it is running windows or the office for mac software.

Try this link for mac excel templates


most windows templates should run but with as few glitches such as keyboard shortcuts.

You may find this link of use.



New Member
Thank you, Bob.

I believe i grasp the gist of what you're saying. My concern, however, was specifically with these templates. Will they automatically import as "read-only" files unless I'm running a different version of Excel (i.e., not 2008) or will they only work in non-Mac based Excel programs?

Thanks again,



Hi thcanter,

Based on my experience there are many incompatibilities between Windows Excel and Excel:Mac. These include problems with the VBA code/macros (if I'm not wrong, Excel 2008 for Mac doesn't even support vba), problems with ActiveX components, etc etc.

Therefore I strongly recommend what Bobhc suggests, using either a Windows environment when you are working with Excel or an app that allows you to run Office software. This will avoid a great deal of headaches.



Excel Rōnin
Hi, thcanter!

I agree with cacos, if you're using Excel 2008 on a Mac you don't have VBA, so it'll depend on what templates are you interested in. My advice is first check them from Windows versions, discard those with macros, and port each of the rest one by one and check them again from MacOS to test if they behave alike.