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lookup all the sheet names that contain an item


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Hello all,
I am new around, and also kind of a newbie to excel.
I have a document with multiple sheets.
On the first column there is a list with all the unique items contained in them.
Starting with column B, I would like to get all the sheet names that contain the individual items, in separate columns.
I have found a way to lookup the sheetnames for each item, but this only get me the first result.
Could anyone provide a solution?

Thank you


  • TH1 mat map.xlsx
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1] What's wrong with your column B formula results?

2] What's your column B expected results?
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Column B is fine but I would like to see the other sheet names in C, D, so on.
Most of the items show up in more than one sheet.

In C2, formula copies across right and down:

=IFERROR(OFFSET(INDIRECT("'"&$B2&"'!A500"),MATCH($A2,INDIRECT("'"&$B2&"'!$A500:A600"),0)-1,AGGREGATE(15,6,COLUMN($A$1:$AZ$1)/(INDIRECT("'"&$B2&"'!A500:AZ500")="R Mat"),COLUMN(A$1))-1),"")



  • TH1 mat map (BY).xlsx
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I wasn't specific enough.
The result I mean to get in columns C-H is similar to the result I get in column B.
Below one example of what I mean with find (of course find only finds the results in the area B2:B498, because the A500:A550 is a spill list.
So basically I would want the formula to return all the sheet names for the all items in column A of sheet "TH1 Master", like in the second picture.


Thanks a lot.