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Looking to get a Excel Dashboard for a website report.

Gerardo Obieta

New Member
Hi, I'm looking to get some freelance help here, I need to build a Dashboard based on Excel to do some reporting. I would like to see all the date tuned into graphs in a nice way.

Here's a brief description of what I'm looking to accomplish:

• I need to show the total amount of Sweepstakes entries

• Show conversion of amount of people choosing sweepstakes divided by people visiting site. Example is 1000 people visit site and 100 register for sweepstakes is 10% conversion.

• Coupons chosen by coupon type

• Then conversion of coupons chosen divided by people choosing sweepstakes. Example if 100 people register for sweepstakes and 20 people choose coupons then 20% conversion

• I need to all the data as month by month but also I would like to have monthly averages

• Agregate totals since beginning of start for totals with conversion percentages as well

• We are looking to have later on the road the ability to enter the amout of traffic that came to the site by email, pop up window and Facebook.

So a report should be two pages:

One page with month by month and aggregate and one page with most recent month

If this is something you can help me with, get back to me and send me your estimate/proposal.
I'm interested. Please look through my gallery and see if you feel I'm qualified to do what you're asking. Contact info is included on the title page of the attached document. I will be able to provide a proposal after communicating with you directly via email and/or phone to get more details.


  • Excel Chart Gallery.docx
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This attachment (Heat Chart.xlsb) showcases more of my qualifications. Change a drop-down entry on the first tab and all relevant charts across multiple tabs will update automatically.


  • Heat Chart.xlsb
    536.8 KB · Views: 34
Gerardo Obieta, I'm withdrawing my offer of services. Good luck with whoever else who may respond. Whoever does respond, prepare for deafening silence.