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Lock tabs from viewing


New Member
I am running commissions for our five sales reps. I am creating an excel file where I will track their progress. I'd like to do this in one excel file with five tabs, one for each sales rep. I'd like to password protect each tab with a unique password so that to view the tab, you have to have the appropriate password for that specific tab. For example, one reps name is Ross. Ross should only be able to view his tab, titled 'Ross'. To view that tab, I'd set a password so that when someone selected the tab, they'd be directed to enter a password. If the correct password was entered, they'd be able to view the contents of the tab 'Ross'. If they enter the incorrect password, they would not be able to view the contents of 'Ross'.

Any ideas how to do this?

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
It sounds like an in-depth study of VBA is called for!

One can envisage a workbook that comes up with a shared cover sheet showing and all other tabs 'very' hidden.
The code could recognise the user account and greet that particular rep and give them the opportunity to enter their password.
If the password is verified, the code would switch the user's tab from .VeryHidden to .Visible and unlock it for change.
On user request, the workbook would return to its initial locked state. The before close event would also trigger lockdown prior to closing.

There are other approaches, such as keeping the data in a database and then allowing the reps to download the data appropriate to their database security profile.


Excel Ninja
Do all six users need to use same file same time?
Do all six users use that with own profile = Have they already logged in with their own usernames and passwords?
... then it is possible to use those informations and then no need more passwords.
Some kind of solution can do with basic VBA,
but if someone really would like to see others 'tab', then - that's possible to do too.


New Member
I love this site. Thank you, you two for the quick feedback. The comment that " if someone really would like to see others 'tab', then - that's possible to do too." is concerning because this is payroll information. With that, I will simply create a spreadsheet for each employee.


Excel Ninja
Create those spreadsheets for each employees and
create one file for You,
which could show all needed employees data eg with one view.