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ISNULL query in Power BI


New Member
I need to handle ISNULL using DAX. Tried lots of ways did not succeed.
Posting SQL query below

CASE WHEN MiddleName IS NULL THEN FirstName + ' ' + LastName ELSE FirstName + ' ' + MiddleName +' ' + LastName END AS FullName

how to achive this using DAX

i have tried this

IF(ISBLANK('Person Person'[MiddleName]), 'Person Person'[FirstName] + 'Person Person'[LastName],'Person Person'[FirstName] + 'Person Person'[MiddleName] + 'Person Person'[LastName])

Did not work
How and where it's used matters in DAX. Is it a measure? Calculated column?

I'd recommend uploading sample data model that demonstrates your issue. As well as sample/explanation of what the end result should look like.