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Is there VBA code to keep leading zeros on the worksheet level?


I have several workbooks where numbers have leading zeros. I.e SS last 4 (0789). I am trying to find VBA on the worksheet level, to force excel to keep leading zeros. I have found several codes to keep leading zeros, but they use a module. I am trying to find worksheet level code that automatically keeps leading zeros. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, it will be appreciated. Manually adding a apostrophe, is quite a pain if you have several files/workbooks.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
No need a code : just format the cells as text … And the code is the same whatever the module (standard or worksheet) !​


That was the thing I did. After the entry of the number with the leading zeros, I have that Green error indicator. I am trying to avoid those.

Also I want to thank, whoever moved my post to the appropriate forum.