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Index Match table with multiple criteria visible rows only

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I have 2 excel 2016 tabs (Tab1, Tab2).
Tab1 has a table (tblMembership) with 5 columns.
Year(column B)
Paid(column C)
Fname (column E)
Lname(column F)
Filter(column K) =subtotal (103, F[row number] )

Tab2 has 3 columns
Dues(column A)
Fname (column B)
Lname (column C)

if 2018 dues are paid there is an "X" manually placed in Tab1, column C.

in Tab2, once Lastname is filled in, I want to place an "X" in Tab2, column A if that name has an "X" in Tab1 column C.
formula in tab2, column A is: {=IF(INDEX(tblMembership[Paid],MATCH($C26 &1,tblMembership[Lname]&tblMembership[Filter],0))<>0,"X","")}

The value in tab2, column A is X if there's and "X" in Tab1, column C or not.
It seems that my visibility filter (tab1, column K) doesn't work, but if I look at Tab1 column Filter is sequential when a year is filtered using column name dropdown.

What am I doing wrong?
Hi Narayank991,
The name in question is: ALAN DIEMER.
It doesn't matter is 2017 is showing or not, an "X" is still dissplayed.


  • MissingXFix.xlsm
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