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Index Match Returning Error


New Member
I have the need to lookup a "type" in Column A in a small table, as well as lookup an "amount" in Row 1 of the same small table. I've found a very nice formula, but it doesn't work the results are #N/A. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If I remove the exact match option data is returned, but not accurately.


N30:T36 = Table
D8 = Type
N30:N36 = Type Column
K16 = Amount
O30:T30 = Amount Row



Active Member
Replace D8 with "*"&D8&"*"
As for this part MATCH(K16;$O$30:$T$30;0) I don't understand what you are trying to find..


Excel Ninja
eg MRO -- Your N30:T36 do not have MRO | but MRO (Indirect)
eg Production -- Your N30:T36 do not have Production ,but almost it - check what is after n
and so on
Reply #2 helps for those.


New Member
Thank you pecoflyer and vietm for these tips, below is the formula that worked - vietm was correct, several of the Departments were not exactly the same as the dropdown options.