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Index and Match Help


New Member

I will start off by saying I am an avid VLookup user. I am learning to use Index and Match more frequently and hopefully be just as comfortable. However, I am in need of help during this learning curve.

I have a worksheet to track tickets that have been submitted- tickets are submitted based on a referenced document number. What I am having difficulty with is - one ticket submitted could have more than one referenced number associated with it and more than one reference number in a single cell. I need to return the ticket # value based on the referenced document.

I have included a sample file.
On Tab- M12-Pend-Closed Late
The reference doc # will be entered in Column G
The value I need returned (the ticket #) should populate in Column O. The value comes from sheet NetforTracking Column I

The Tab- NetforTracking- has all the data points.
Column E- are the reference #'s. Multiple reference #'s could be embedded into 1 single cell.
Column I- is the value I am seeking to return on Tab M12- Column O

Thank you for any help that can be provide.