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In specific range sum of 2 adjancent cells should be above specific value


I'm trying to create a timeworksheet file with some control factors included.
One of the controls I need to submit is the following.
In each period of 7 days (doesn't need to be from Monday to Friday) the resting time should be at least 36 hours in 2 consecutive days.
Resting time per day is included, but I can't seem to find a working formula that looks in the last 7 days of the sum of adjacent cells is above 36hours.

attached is a part of my workbook

Many thanks for your help




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I suspect that you have not received any responses as it is not clear what you want. If you were to calculate this manually, what results would you be looking for in Column I. I think you need to explain the logic for "Resting Time" as that may not be a term that is know world wide as it pertains to payroll/working hours. Suggest you mock up a solution manually so that we have a better understanding of your needs and explain your criteria for same.