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Importing huge text file


New Member
I have a text file with huge data saved in folder. I need to import that text file into excel and I need to filter only latest 3 months (current month and previous two months).
I have done record macro and made some changes. In this month, again I need to make changes like changing the existing month to Current month. Every month I can't make changes. Can any one please help me how to fix these months without changing again and again.

Since the macro code is huge, i am not able to enter here. Please find two files in below link.



Excel Ninja
Looking at your code, you are leveraging Get & Transform Query.

There is no need to use VBA. You can create variable within the query (M-Code) itself.

Have a read of posts in link below. This will give you some basic method to pass variable from sheet (Named Range) or create one within M-Code, without use of VBA.

Specifically, points #3, 4 & 5.

If you need further help, I'd recommend creating small representation of your file and operation (about 50 or so line should be enough). It's bit much, to have us download 500+mb file to help you ;)