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Impact of ChatGPT or similar kind of tools for people working as VBA developers


Excel Ninja

Hope you are doing good.
May I request experts here to share their views about ChatGPT or similar platforms in context with VBA developers.
I started using ChatGPT around three months ago. I found it very useful for coding, agree we need to edit the code but most of my questions at least were solved very quickly and required cosmetic changes.

I agree, if it gets stuck for any issue then it keeps providing same solutions without any improvements.
Sometimes the code provided is over complicated or large code. I have experienced it few times that if a 2-3 line of code can do the work it may give you large modules of the code. The person asking questions and taking help should also know, how to edit and how to read the code. And take decisions based on his own expertise.

My question is more about the job opportunities or reduced job opportunities.
Even the managers now recommend using ChatGPT for help. Though we can not provide real data and can not use it in client systems, we can certainly take help.
How it will impact the timelines for project delivery. Will it reduce the knowledge gap between an experienced developer and fresher developer.

One major benefit for myself is, it does not judge you for the questions you ask.
Have a nice weekend. :)
as I saw so many threads on Excel forums stating chatGPT code can't work,​
as I saw only an unique thead where it seems to well work but with someone enough smart well knowing Excel & VBA​
so I can't imagine any pro project achieved just with chatGPT …​