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IF function with various conditions

Hi Team,

I need help with this one please.

I am having difficulty creating formulas for the above 8 hrs condition for i am getting the same result as that of 4 hrs to 8 hrs condition.

kindly take note that every entry should reflect only the highest Tier attained and will automatically disqualified on the lower tier.

Please find attached file and do edit/add as necessary.

Formulas only please for we cannot use VBA.

Thanks in advance,





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Dear I have a simple problem regarding IF formula, In a table I only want to pick the rows that meet my criteria (Lets say, Between Yes and No for a specific entry, I want to create a table of entries only having YES). The rows which were not meeting the criteria were left blank. How can I remove these blanks so that only the rows that meet the criteria appear in my table. Hope you have grasped my query. waiting for your reply. Please contact me on a y t a z a z a l i 1 2 3 @ g m a i l . c o m
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