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Simon Lee

New Member
Hi there

I'm sure this is child's play but I need the formula for this instance:

In the Cell J1 I need the following to happen;

If the letter Y is present in Cell D1 then I need the numerical values in Cells E1, F1, G1 & H1 to be added and then appear in Cell J1.

If the letter N is present in Cell D1 then I need a Zero to appear in Cell J1.

Try as I might I can't find a similar example.

Help :)
Hi Simon,

Welcome to Chandoo.org Forum,

Please enter the below formula in Cell J1 and drag it down till the last row of your data.


Please let me know if you find problem in the above formula.

Thanks & Regards,


Excel Ninja
Hello Simon,
Not sure what you mean by "letter Y is present in cell D1"... if cell D1 can contain a string that may include the letter Y (such as "HAPPY") then, you would want to replace the $D1="Y" with FIND("Y",$D1)

Also, not sure if you wanted the numbers in E1:H1 concatenated or added up. If you want the numbers added, use SUM(E1:H1)



Active Member
What should happen when lowercase (i.g.: "y" and "n") letters are used? Or more then just Y and N?

Here is my shot at it:
  • It looks for the letters "y" or "Y" in D1 and sums up E1:H1
  • If neither, then zero
Or here is one if you only could have Y or N in D1:

Simon Lee

New Member
Ok got another one for you guys.....(and ladies of course :)).

I have a blank cell and I need the formula to put in it that gives me the result of the following query.

Cell A1 is a Y or N value. Cell A2 is a 1 or 0 value. Cell A3 is the Cell I need the result in.

If A1 = Y and A2 = 1 then A3 = 0.5, however If A1 = Y and A2 = 0 then A3=0 as well as if A1 = N and A2 = 1 then A3 = 1, however if A1 = N and A2 = 0 then A3 = 0

Abhijeet R. Joshi

Active Member
Hi Simon,

I think you will need to open a new thread for this..
However, just my two cents:
=IF(A1&A2="Y1",0.5,IF(OR(A1&A2="N0",A1&A2="Y0"),0,IF(A1&A2="N1",1,"No Match")))

Hope this helps...:)