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Identify a Bad Meter Reading


New Member
Hi Guys,

I have a list of meters with the date of the meter reading and the value. I need to identify a bad meter reading so that it can be scrubbed. The reading may be too much or too little.


Meter # Date Meter

117 5/29/2009 668,597

117 6/17/2009 671,072

117 6/25/2009 11,080,553 Bad

117 7/8/2009 674,063

117 7/16/2009 690,347

154 7/10/2009 865,276

154 7/15/2009 868,855

154 7/23/2009 539,551 Bad

154 7/24/2009 882,304

154 7/31/2009 892,191

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
are you trying to find the outliers in the meter reading? you can then use percentile formula to see if the meter reading is in first 10 or last 10 percentile and highlight it.