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I need your help with Copy and Paste VBA Code.

Hello. Perhaps my question would sound kind of weird. I want to know why I get an error when I use the copy/paste VBA COde. For example...

Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()
Set MyData = New DataObject
    MyData.SetText Label2.Caption
    Unload Me

End Sub
At the beginning it works perfectly and amazing. But for some reason, i don´t know why, it stops working and the paste does not work. Instead of pasting what I want, it only pastes a couple of squares: "￿￿"
After rebooting the PC, enter again to excel and it works perfectly. but after a while it stops pasting what I need and the squares come back. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a failure that can be fixed? What can I do in this case because I can be rebooting my PC at all times.
Thank you in advance.
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There are known problems with the DataObject on Windows 8 or later. You would be well advised to use API calls instead.
See the example.
Module 1 is just to open the form
In module 2 you find the Declarations and Routine to put the text in the clipboard.
The code for your button
Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()
    putTextInClipboard Label1.Caption
   Unload Me
End Sub


Thank you so much. I have just read your answer. Allow me implement it in my modules and make the corresponding changes in VBA Codes. I will let you know how it is post behavior. Thank for the exquisite explanation.
Hello...wow it works perfectly. I have been using excel and I haven´t had to reboot my PC. The new code works and the addition of Declarations have really solved my issue. Once again I do not have words to express m gratitude with your help. You are simply the best. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.